Our Collaborators

Altium is software company that, among other products, develops printed circuit board design software. Altium has provided UiS Subsea with four licenses to their latest PCB design software, Altium Designer 18. They will also provide support of its use.

Gassco is the operator of a 8 829 km long network of subsea pipeline on the Norwegian continental shelf. They are responsible for efficient and safe transport of natural gas to continental Europe, supplying a substantial percentage of Europe gas consumption . They have supported UiS Subsea financially.

Oceaneering provides a wide array of services, mainly for the oil and gas industry. Many of their subsea services are performed by their fleet of ROVs. Oceaneering has held courses for UiS Subsea, and they will continue to provide their expertise when needed. They have also given financial support.

SKF is the world's largest manufacturer of bearings. SKF supplies also lubrication systems, mechatronics products, condition monitoring systems and services alike. They deliver to a variety industries involving rotating machinery. SKF has provided UiS Subsea with bearings for the ROVs thruster system.

Tekna is the Norwegian worker's union of academics holding a master's degree in natural science or engineering. Tekna offers all sorts of support for its members; they offer legal advice, assistance in wage negotiations A notable amount of Tekna's members are students aspiring to achieve a master's degree. We are glad to receive their financial support.

Nexans Norway has delivered power and communication cables the past 100 years and is an integral part of Norwegian industrial history. Today, they are a world leading manufacturer and installer of offshore control cables and high voltage submarine cables. UiS Subsea appreciates Nexans' donation of cables.

Årdal Maskinering is a machining enterprise which delivers machined products on request. They are an experienced supplier to the local oil and gas industry. Årdal Maskinering has provided UiS Subsea with aluminium.

Nordic Steel is a part of the local mechanical industry and contains a long list of certifications. They deliver products and services related to advanced sheet work and welds to virtually all sorts of mechanical industry in Norway. Nordic Steel has delivered a machined component which is to be attached to the circuit board inside the electronic housing.

Established in 1987, FFU has become one of the biggest forums in Norway concerned with remotely operated subsea technology. FFU works continuously to make the subsea industry attractive to students and school children. FFU has supported UiS Subsea financially.

The University of Stavanger is located in the heart of the oil and gas industry of Norway. Being our host institution, UiS provides necessities such as working space, equipment and access to technical competence. The university is the guarantor of UiS Subsea, covering most of our expenses.

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