UiS Subsea arrives to Seattle

And completes the first round of the competition

UiS Subsea is finally finished with the making of a brand new ROV!

19th of March, UiS Subsea receives machined component to ROV’s electronic housing

Nexans delivers cables to our ROV

UiS Subsea receives massive chunk of aluminium 7th of March

From 29th of Jan to 1st of February UiS Subsea went to visit Oceaneering at their facilities at Forus

16th of February, SKF extends sponsorship of equipment

14th of February, Gassco prolongs financial support to UiS Subsea

16th of January, Tekna prolongs financial support to UiS Subsea

10th of January, Altium becomes a new collaborator

Every year, the university funds UiS Subsea generously

UiS Subsea receives grant from FFU!

We are thrilled to receive financial support from FFU