Workshop on UG Education in Applied Mechanics

Dates:Aug 10 & 11,2018


Brief Description of Workshop:

  • Background

Undergraduate teaching of fundamental subjects in Applied Mechanics, is an important activity of the Applied Mechanics Departments (or other departments) in the country. Undergraduate teaching by any major department in a technical university involves the following two core tasks:

  1. Teaching core courses/labs for undergraduate students
  2. Design and execution of undergraduate programs.

Apart from the above, any major department in a technical institution, will be participating in the following additional supporting tasks:

  1. Offering electives on specialized subjects, where undergraduate students also can register, and
  2. Offering training and placement opportunities to identified core industries.

The AM departments in the country over the past 60 years have probably focused on part (a) of the core task and part (i) of the supporting task. Because of their non-involvement in part (b) of the core task and part (ii) of the supporting task, they don’t enjoy the same respect as a ‘major’ department in their respective institutions, despite their fairly good research credentials.

The last ten years have seen the birth of at more than 10 and a few NITs. It is significant to note that none of these institutions have identified the need to start an undergraduate program focusing on Applied Mechanics or related disciplines. The lack of a coherent definition of an undergraduate curriculum in Applied Mechanics, may be one of the reasons for the lack of this initiative. This workshop attempts to address this gap through a dialogue and discussion by major academicians and industry partners working in the field of Applied Mechanics.

  • Objectives of the workshop
  1. To pool in the experience of faculty members associate with teaching of courses relevant to Applied Mechanics the country, in teaching of fundamental subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Methods, Instrumentation, Signal Analysis etc. and to identify methods of effective teaching of these subjects by any teaching in the Engineering colleges of the country.
  2. To identify the core components of an undergraduate curriculum in Applied Mechanics in the country which will also have a good potential for employment in a wide range of industries / hospitals / research laboratories etc.

  • Important Topics to be covered in the Workshop

(A) Undergraduate Teaching

(i) Sharing of experience in undergraduate teaching of fundamental courses in mechanics

(ii)Panel discussions to identify the tools and methods for effective teaching of fundamental subjects in future, across the country.

(B) Undergraduate Program in Applied Mechanics

(i) Sharing of models and attempts to initiate UG programs in Applied Mechanics in the country.

(ii)Sharing of perspectives on a mix of core courses which are likely to address current industry/hospital/research needs.

(iii)Panel discussion to identify and recommend a core mix that will not only be unique, but will also address some needs of the industry – perhaps more effectively than some of the major departments.