UGC-Networking Resource Centre

School of Physics

University of Hyderabad

Welcome to UGC-NRC School of Physics, University of Hyderabad

The UGC has given approval for establishment of Networking Resource Centre (NRC) in School of Physics and has sanctioned Rs.10 crore and released an amount of Rs.5.00 crore vide Order No.F.10-10/2013 (BSR) dated 23.06.2015 to undertake activities to upgrade the quality of research activities in various less endowed Institutions/ Universities. The major objectives of the centre are to promote collaborative research, to create access to advanced research facilities and to impart training to young researchers in frontier areas related to specified theme areas, in addition to other topics of Physics.

Prof Appa Rao Podile, Vice-Chancellor has inaugurated all the facilities at UGC-NRC, School of Physics on 3rd March 2017.

Prof Rajender Singh, Former Dean of the School, was the Coordinator for NRC till September 2016. Prof V.Seshu Bai has taken charge as Coordinator w.e.f 10th October 2016.

  1. Programmes:

The major programmes of the Centre that target the above objectives are as follows:

    1. Workshops on specialized topics (1-2 weeks)
    2. Short-Term projects for undergraduate/postgraduate students (1-3 months)
    3. Training Visits for doctoral Students, Post-doctoral fellows and faculty (1-3 months [till the hostel is ready])
    4. Summer/Winter Schools on specialized topics (1-2 months)
    5. One-day visits of undergraduate/postgraduate students to the School laboratory/ infrastructure facilities

In addition to covering the topics under theme areas, the Steering Committee proposed to conduct workshops/projects in other subject areas in which Faculty of School of Physics have expertise to be resource persons/ mentors for NRC Participants. This ensures benefit of NRC to a wider range of researchers. Hence, Faculty are encouraged to come forward and identify specific areas in which a group of our Faculty have expertise and offer to conduct workshops/ mentor projects. A few lectures from External Resource Persons can also be arranged to augment lectures from our Faculty, to cover the important topics chosen in the subject areas, during workshops.