Industry & Professional Development

Our chapter provides undergraduate students with opportunities to develop the technical and soft skills required for progressing into industry and helps to establish early connections with representatives in the field. Our opportunities for development include industry representative speakers, research lab tours, resume critiques, mock interviews, conference presentation practices, and professional attire workshops.

Also check out our internship listings on our Opportunities page!

Upcoming Industry & Professional Development Events

Nothing for now, but check back later!

Past Industry & Professional Development Events

7th Annual Pruitt Research Day

  • Description: Pruitt Research Day will celebrate the research being conducted in the BME department and the larger BME community at UF. It will be an engaging day filled with research talks and poster presentations.
  • Date: Friday, November 16th

Phelps Lab Tour

  • Description: The Phelps Lab’s mission is to employ an engineering approach to solve significant problems in health and biology, with a primary focus of the pancreatic islets of Langerhans and their diseases with an additional emphasis on beta cell dysfunction and autoimmunity in type 1 diabetes. They specialize in biomaterials technologies as the basis for regenerative strategies and to discover novel biological insights. For more information about the lab, please visit the Phelps Lab website.
  • Time: Tuesday, November 13th, from 2:00PM to 2:45PM

Dobson Lab Tour

  • Description: The Dobson Lab's work focuses on biomedical applications of magnetic micro- and nanoparticles for applications such as Magnetic Activation of Receptor Signaling (MARS) / Magnetic Ion Channel Activation (MICA), magnetically triggered release and activation of biomacromolecules, magnetic nanoparticle-based gene transfection, and novel magnetic separation systems for in vivo recovery of osteoarthritis biomarkers and extra corporeal blood filtering. For more information about the lab, please visit the Dobson Lab website. We loved how much interest we received.
  • Time: Thursday, November 8th, from 2:00PM to 3:00PM

Tucker-Davis Technology Tour

  • Description: UF BMES will be touring the Tucker-Davis Technologies facility in Alachua. Tucker-Davis Technologies is a leading manufacturer of real-time acquisition and stimulus generation systems for neurophysiology. For over 25 years, TDT has been building products for basic and applied research in the neurophysiology, hearing, and speech sciences. Join BMES on a tour with TDT and see the products they produce from development to manufacturing. The group is limited to 10-15 participants.
  • Time: Friday, October 12th from 2:30-3:30PM

BMES Poster & Podium Practice (Cancelled due to weather)

  • Description: Are you presenting research at the annual meeting for BMES this year? If so, we would love to practice with you. Bring your poster or your talk and practice in front our your peers. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students!
  • Time/Location: Thursday, October 11th from 5:00-6:30PM in BMS JG05 & JG32

OrthoBME Lab (Dr. Allen) Tour

  • Description: Dr. Kyle Allen leads the Orthopaedic Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (OrthoBME Lab) at the University of Florida, which is centered on preclinical research for joint diseases. They engineer new methods and technologies that will improve the clinical impact of preclinical models. Come get an exclusive tour of Dr. Allen's lab space from one of his graduate students. The tour is full! For more information on their research, check out the OrthoBME Lab website.
  • Time/Location: Friday, October 5th at 2:30PM in the BMS Building

UF BME Industry Connect Career Fair & More!

  • Description: The Industry Connect Career Fair & More is the perfect place to build your professional network, impress potential employers, practice interviewing/giving your "elevator pitch," get your resume reviewed, and explore career opportunities (especially at the entry-level). It will include three Open Discussion Sessions among other events, so make sure to stop by!
  • Time/Location: Thursday, September 27th from 9:00AM-12:00PM in the BMS Building

Edwards Recruitment Presentation

  • Description: Edwards Lifesciences is looking for young and motivated interns, so you should definitely check out their recruitment presentation. For more information on Edwards, visit their website.
  • Time/Location: Monday, September 24th from 4:30-5:45PM in TUR L011

SMILE Lab (Dr. Fang) Info Session

  • Description: Join us for an informational session with Dr. Fang where she will discuss her research and opportunities in her lab, the Smart Medical Informatics Learning and Evaluation (SMILE) Lab. Dr. Fang's research focuses on medical data, brain health, and higher image quality at lower clinical risk. Please bring your resume to the event, as she is looking for interested students with programming experience.

Free Professional Headshots

  • Description: Come get a FREE headshot from UF BMES. Please make sure that your top-half is dressed professionally (contact an officer if you are unsure of what that means) because only your shoulders and chest will be seen in the photo.
  • Time/Location: Monday, September 17th at 6:00PM in the BMS car loop (in front of BMS Building)

Resume Critique Office Hours

  • Description: Career Showcase is rapidly approaching, so get your resume ready. Bring either a digital or paper copy of your resume, and our officers will give you important feedback in a walk-in, one-on-one session. Anyone is welcome to get their resume critiqued, not just members attending Career Showcase.
  • Time/Location: Wednesday, September 12th from 6:00-8:00PM in Marston Science Library L132 (Tesla) & L133 (Tyson)