Active Status

Active Membership Requirements

In order to be recognized as an active member of UF BMES and receive the perks of being an active member (like leadership positions, extra merchandise, and priority funding), you must have the listed number of points from each category below by the end of the semester. You gain a point by attending and checking in with an officer.

General Body Meetings: 2

Social/Internal Event: 1

Outreach Event: 1

Industry or Professional Development: 1

+ 1 point from any other event/activity for a TOTAL of SIX POINTS

Spring Active Member Status

All points are updated as soon as possible by our secretary, so please be patient if you do not see a point in an area that may have been completed. Any questions about the acquisition of a point for an event should be directed to the officer in charge of the event.

Points (Spring 2019)