Finding Communicore

I want to go to the General Body Meeting, but I can't find the Communicore building. Where do I go?

Fear not, lost one. Below are the directions to the Communicore building. We're excited to see you at the GBM!

Locate the Communicore building on the UF campus

The Communicore building is located on Center Drive about halfway between Archer Road and the Reitz Union, past the Nanoscale Research Facility and the New Engineering Building.

Explore the Health Sciences Complex

The Communicore building can be seen from the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) building traffic circle.

Find the Communicore building

To get to the building, walk away from the traffic circle into the UF Health courtyard and you should see the Communicore Building on your right.

Enter the building and go to the room

Go under the covered walkway and you will see steps leading up into the building. Open the doors and take the staircase up one story to the first floor. As you walk forward from the staircase, the door to the room is located on your right, next to a sign that reads "Lecture Halls C1-15 and C1-17".