Second Lot !!! "The former referee - the coach of the Thai national team".

"Big Dad" Gen. Dr. Somyod Purple flowers. President of the Football Association of Thailand. "It's been a while since the police arrived and reported that at 11 am,

Has a former referee And a former star coach of the Thai national team. He came to the investigation staff Bang Kaeo police station in Samutprakarn. To acknowledge allegations about a football match. It is according to the action. The lock to knock the ball as I have learned that. Try to get away The ball is considered a cancer in football. But not confirmed that will go away. "

"The Football Association of Thailand. Not calm Continuous work. Not only Thai people are important. It is remarkable that the police are very interested. This is the only legal action. It is of great interest to the international police. "

"On 10-11 September 2018, the World Police invited representatives of the Football Association of Thailand. And the national police. We talked about the crash in Thailand to the International Police and the Member States in New York, and we sent a delegation from Thailand's Foreign Ministry and Foreign Football Association spokesman, Supachapong. September 10th. "

"In the first round, 13 people have now been prosecuted. After the police considered that 13 people have behaved, there is evidence that there is sufficient evidence. Prosecutors considered after the police investigation. See that there are enough reasons have already filed a lawsuit. Various cases are in the court's consideration. "

"That said, that. This is not the end of the ball. It is the duty of the Football Association of Thailand. Need to find a solution. One thing that the Football Association of Thailand in the 2019 season will be deployed VAR is now assigned to the Deputy Foreign Secretary and Foreign Minister spokesman of the Football Association of Thailand "

"Which may have to work harder. In providing equipment to assist in the decision. To be accepted and to create a fair faith. In all competitions next year. VAR equipment is brought to justice. And is acceptable to the ufabet fans, the club as well as the players "

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