Sub Plan

Collaborate with your neighbors on the Frog Licking Sub Plan for about 10 minutes. When you get to the Flipgrid section you (and your partner) might want to move to a quieter place to record.

Frog Licking Sub Plan
Ultimate Sub Plan


Video your sub plans. Don't type them. | Screencastify Chrome Extension


Students curate their learning on YouTube | Add your favorite music here!

Google Doc

Students curate their learning in a Doc.

Romanticism Art Gallery Example | BuzzFeed News Current Events

Google Forms

Google Forms are a great way to create flipped lessons and exit tickets.

Exit Ticket | Flipped Lesson Example (National Health Service)


The free version of Flipgrid allows students to post 90 second videos.


"So how do I write complex math equations on my digital device?" This...this is how.

Example 1 (handwriting) | Example 2 (speech)

The ultimate sub plan can become the ultimate EVERYDAY plan!