Udemy 2021 Review: Is it worth it? Or not?

We've all wanted to learn a new skill or try new things without knowing where to start, and this is where Udemy can be of great use to you. It has a huge catalog of courses to choose from, with many instructors and learners who can connect with each other, and where everyone can benefit. In this Udemy review we are going to look at the types of courses there are to offer, how much they cost and whether they are worth the money to invest. Below we will share with you our opinion on Udemy.

  1. Udemy Review: What is Udemy

  2. How are the courses on Udemy?

  3. How much does Udemy cost?

  4. The advantages and disadvantages of Udemy

  5. Who is Udemy for?

  6. What do users say?

  7. Udemy Alternatives

Udemy Review: What is Udemy

Udemy is an online platform that offers you hundreds of courses ranging from crafts to HTML programming. This website really has something to offer everyone. It was created in 2007 and since then it has become one of the largest and most widely offered online course platforms, with over 130,000 courses available to its more than 30 million users.

If there's one thing that sets Udemy apart from other platforms it may compete with, it's that it has both instructors and learners. Instructors have the ability to create entire courses from scratch to share online on the platform after a quality control and content checking process. This allows anyone to be able to share their skills with any other user without the need to meet in person. And users can not only enter these courses, but they can leave comments and get feedback from instructors who in many cases even ask you to share a sample of the new skill learned.

Today, Udemy offers service packages for large organizations, which allow independent instructors to reach large companies and large numbers of people who will learn their skills.

How are the courses on Udemy?

There is a wide variety of courses available on Udemy for you to participate in, so wide that it would be impossible to list them all. However, of the most common or popular ones we can get:

  • Leadership strategies

  • Complete web development

  • Photography classes

Each course is taught by industry professionals with extensive experience and many of them can prove their accreditation and certify your course. Once you purchase a course you will have lifetime access to it, so you can go back and review what you have learned as many times as you like.

How much does Udemy cost?

Udemy courses vary widely in price, so you can get some for as much as $200. But you'll notice that Udemy occasionally offers coupons and discounts, so you can keep prices low. You'll be able to get these deals on their website, Facebook page and Twitter page. Instructors also often offer discounts for their courses, so if you see one you like, you can contact the instructor and ask if they offer discounts. You get these discounts with codes, so if you get one, you can get discounts of up to $100 or more, so it's worth looking for them to get a good deal.

The advantages and disadvantages of Udemy

Like all things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to Udemy, so here are the ones we feel are the most important ones


  • It has a wide variety of courses ranging from yoga instruction to leadership skills.

  • Truly unique courses created by industry professionals

  • Offer codes offer great discounts

  • Very good for businesses that want to train their staff.

  • Lifetime access to purchased courses

  • You can learn wherever you want

  • Very good tool for those who want to share their knowledge


  • Not accredited by traditional institutions

  • Courses do not count as credit for universities

Who is Udemy for?

If you are looking to develop new skills in specific areas such as web design or photography, Udemy is the best place for you. The courses created by the instructors serve both to help you develop new skills and to substantially improve the ones you already have. However, if you're looking for degrees that will qualify you for a traditional university or other institution, Udemy won't be of much use to you, so you may want to check out other online learning platforms.

Udemy is ideal for businesses, because it provides high quality courses in specific skills of all kinds without a big price tag, and for life.

On Udemy, instructors can also further develop their skills and earn some money by creating courses in which they share their experiences and passions. There is a criteria for course creators to upload content and also the platform does a quality check, however, the possibilities for instructors are very high.

What do users say?

Udemy has a part on its website where users can share their experiences that let interested parties know how the quality of the courses offered is and how beneficial it can be. A score can also be applied to the courses so that you can draw among the best ones when deciding on one.

Despite this, the TrustPilot website only gives it a TrustScore of 2.8, as there are mixed reviews and opinions focused on specific courses and instructors. Most of the reviews on the learning platform are quite good and positive, with over 69% of the comments being positive and 5-star. Other comments are based on course prices and how they vary widely. The comments, in general, are mixed.

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If you are interested in expanding your knowledge and developing new skills, Udemy is totally worth it. Of course, you have to get the right price for the course you are interested in, and that often depends on time, and be sure to check the comments left by previous users of the course you are interested in so you can choose the right one and not feel like you lost your money. And if you want to go even further, you can become an instructor and sell your own courses, share your knowledge.

We hope this Udemy review has been helpful and that you are now able to be more informed when making a decision to choose the right online learning platform for your needs.