***We HIGHLY RECOMMEND all dancers wear a NUDE LEOTARD under Costumes and Tights for comfort in costume changing***

Costume Pick Up

South Jordan Studios

Sat, May 4th 8:30am-11:30am & Mon, May 6th 8:30am-11:30am

Parents are required to pick-up their child’s costume(s) at Utah Dance Artists South Jordan Location on one of the two above dates. Costumes will not be given to students. If a parent is unable to pick-up their dancer’s costume(s), they should send another adult to do so. *If a dancer’s costume(s) is not picked up, a personal appointment will be scheduled with Silvia Vigil, UDA Costume Coordinator. This personal appointment will result in a $10 late pick-up fee.

Packaging Your Costumes

Following the Packaging Guidelines will help the Backstage Volunteers in keeping things organized for costume changes. REMEMBER to *DOUBLE TIGHTS your dancer. *This means if they are in more than one dance, put the tights for the second routine on first and then the first routine on top of that to save time putting on tights.

  1. LABEL EVERYTHING (shoes, tights, costumes, accessories)
  2. Place the shoes and accessories for each dance in their own Ziploc bag and hang from the hanger.
  3. Next, hang each costume individually and place in a separate garment bag(s)
  4. Label EACH GARMENT BAG with your dancer’s first and last name, large and visible.

Costume Care & Alterations

All costumes were fitted prior to costume distribution. No major alterations should be needed, however, minimal sewing such as tacking belts, bows, ties, etc. may need to be completed. All minor adjustments/sewing must be completed prior to the Costume Check/Picture Days. DO NOT WASH COSTUMES. Dancers should not wear costume(s) until Picture Day and not again until Dress Rehearsal. Steam press on low heat is recommended.

Costume Guidelines

Tights will be distributed when you pick up your costume.

Students are required to have the exact color of shoes listed. Please refer to the COSTUME GUIDELINES in the LINKS BELOW. Accessories, such as headpieces, gloves and bows are included in the cost of the costume. Undergarments and shoes are not included. These additional purchases are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian. *We highly recommend that all female dancers wear a nude leotard under all costumes and tights.

Hair & Make Up