Takahiko Uchide

I am Takahiko (Taka) Uchide, a seismologist who has been working in active seismic regions.

I aim to understand the generation of earthquakes from the stress loading on and around faults to the dynamic rupture evolution. My approach so far is the data analysis using seismograms and earthquake catalogs to capture the reality of seismic processes. I am trying to extract information inferred from data as much as possible, and as robust as possible.

Short Bio

Taka earned his Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, Japan for his study on the scaling study of the earthquake rupture growth. After postdoctoral researcher positions in University of California, San Diego, USA and Kyoto University, Japan, he has been working as a researcher since 2013 and now he is serving as a senior researcher at Geological Survey of Japan, AIST. He was awarded Young Scientist Award of the Seismological Society of Japan in 2014.