UB Recruiting site


Welcome to United Brotherhood's Recruiting page. This site is intended to help new members complete all steps needed to join the group and to familiarize them with what we do and what is expected of UB members. Reading this site is HIGHLY recommended for new members.

Before you start the joining process, please make sure you meet the group minimum requirements below. All requirements are non-negotiable.


  • At least 16 years of age or older
  • Have a working mic
  • Have access to all maps/own premium(Note that this requirement will be removed if premium friends is made permanent)
  • Available for Friday meetings (8pm EST)
  • Able to be active in general

Things we do...

  • Pub nights
  • Inter-clan matches
  • Intra-clan practices
  • Fun videos

The videos below help demonstrate the different aspects of UB

Please start by going to the joining page and follow the instructions there to get started with the group.

Last Revision: 6/26/2017

This site was created and is maintained by =]UB[= Str4yshot. Please send pm through the United Brotherhood main website to him if you have questions, comments, suggestions, corrections etc.