First off, here are some elements:

Fire - Element of plasma, motion, and heat.

Ice - Element of static, quiet, and cool.

Air - Element of freedom, sound, and motion.

Earth - Element of static, growth, and arid.

Light - Element of light, knowledge, and sight.

Dark - Element of quietness, reflection, and obfuscation.

Data - Element of abstraction, analysis, and thought.

Magic - Element of mysticism, faith, and randomness.

Now here are some races, of the same species, human, despite their appearances:

Trak - Race of earth. Dragon-like people, with claws and occasional horns. They are stronger than other races and they often work tough jobs.

Avis - Race of ice. Bird-like people, with feathered bodies and duck feet. They are versatile explorers and their feathers are insulating.

Myu - Race of air. Cat-like people, with sharp teeth and rough tongues. They are good at jumping long heights and their singing is beautiful.

Kalom - Race of fire. Reptilian people, with sticky hands and sharp eyes. They are good as climbing walls and seeing small details.

The Consumer is an entity that's slowly consuming the world till it is no more.

Now here are some elementals:

FireFire - Salamander, Amphibious small humanoid. Despite living in watery areas, they are an elemental of pure fire. If it is left away from water for a long time, it's flame may consume it and kill it.

FireIce - Djinn, Related to Ifrit, they have no control over fire.

FireAir - Wisp, Glowing figure. Lives in watery areas. They often mislead travelers.

FireEarth - Golem, Animated rock humanoid. They can be found almost anywhere on land. T

FireLight - Angel, Spectral winged humanoid. They can find areas strong with magic. They prefer bright areas. Not to be confused with holy emissaries.

FireDark - Demon, Spectral winged humanoid. They can find areas strong with magic. They prefer dark areas. Not to be confused with devils.

FireData - Ifrit, Spectral humanoid. They can conjure fire at any time.

FireMagic - Imp, Trickster. Similar to Poltergeists, they can turn invisible.

IceIce - Ondine, Water elemental. They can control water.

IceAir - Siren, Winged merrow-like creature. They have a very beautiful voice.

IceEarth - Kobold, Cave dwelling spirit.

IceLight - Merrow, Normal merfolk.

IceDark - Kelpie, Seal-like merrow.

IceData - Naiad, Freshwater protector. They are attached to a body of water.

IceMagic - Nixie, Carnivorous humanoid. They dwell in water to catch their prey.

AirAir - Sylph, Air elemental. They can control air.

AirEarth - Poltergeist, Trickster. They can turn invisible and move objects.

AirLight - Pixie, Floating humanoid. Lives in forests. They are playful.

AirDark - Goblin, Trickster. They are surprisingly good fighters.

AirData - Banshee, Singing spirit. They can scream very loudly, or sing very softly.

AirMagic - Faerie, Flying spirit. They have insect-like wings.

EarthEarth - Gnome, Earth elemental. They can control earth.

EarthLight - Orc, Grassland humanoid

EarthDark - Troll, Cave dwelling giant.

EarthData - Dwarf, Intelligent industrious spirit.

EarthMagic - Dryad, Tree spirit, Bound to trees.

LightLight - Elf, Forest spirit of light.

LightDark - Ghost, Spirit. Can possess people. Not to be confused with the spirits of the dead.

LightData - Vampire, Spirit. Drink animals blood. They are not the reanimated bodies of the dead.

LightMagic - Sprite, Faerie-like creature.

DarkData - Ghoul, Carnivorous spirit. They have a large appetite for meat.

DarkMagic - Wight, Carnivorous spirit. Unlike Ghouls, they do not eat a lot.

MagicMagic - Witch, Spirit. They are proficient at magic. They are not humans or other elementals who practice magic.

MagicData - Mare, Dream spirit. They can control and reads minds, but they usually control dreams.

DataData - Satyr, Knowledge spirit. They seek knowledge.