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Marriage and Mattress Have More In Common Than You Think

This issue raises problems, because there is no single standard or category in terms of hardness. Some distributors use the labels H1, H2, H3, others do not, so you cannot decide from comfort at home which is the appropriate one, or if you have tried the hardness marked with H, you still have no basis to compare these with others.

So you have no choice but to go to the shop and try the mattresses. Then and there, taking the usual sleeping position, one can feel whether it is worth investing in a mattress. In advance we can say that body weight and sleeping position will be crucial in choosing the most sympathetic cold foam mattress.

Why is the density of cold foam crucial?

The density of the material is a decisive criterion for the value of a thebest-mattress. The denser one is just better. It contains more material, is more durable, you just cannot easily go through it. The unit of measurement is kg / m3, which also depends on the weight of the mattress.

As with other topics, there are also significant differences of opinion between the Austrian and foreign mattress industries. In Austria cold foam mattresses of 28-32 kg / m3 density are widespread, one with 35 density stands out. In Western Europe or the United States, on the other hand, swearing on cold foam with 40 kg / m3 density.

What should one do after that? It is best to choose cold foam from 35 kg / m3 or higher density; mattresses that are already considered to be premium brands can be sporadically found on the Hungarian market.

Highly elastic cold foam

In Austria you can find more solid cold foam , which is harder and offers real comfort with above-average weight , stronger physique or when sleeping in the supine position .

Elastic cold foam, on the other hand, is more comfortable and provides optimal weight distribution, regardless of sleeping position and body weight. In our experience, it can take a relatively harder, surface-firm (not zoned), but elastic cold foam mattress with a mattress with 2-3 cm memory foam layer.

Profiled and zoned cold foam mattress

Research has shown that semi-hard mattresses in people with average body weight can relieve back and back pain, because these mattresses relieve the spine optimally.

Conventional rigid, stiff or even elastic cold foam mattresses can put too much pressure on the hips or shoulders when lying on their side or on their prone position. So these offer only real above average weight, or people who sleep exclusively on the back, real comfort.

The average (according to statistics, 50-60% of people sleep on the side, and 10-20% on the stomach) can better regenerate the spine on profiled, semi-hard cold foam mattresses.

What does profiling mean?

Microcomputer-controlled cutting machines (also called CNC) form different patterns on the surface of the cold foam. Cold foam mattresses with a profiled surface sink better, do not create pressure points on the various parts of the body, they are also ideally permeable to air, and prevent sweating during the night. The shapes on the surface of the mattress are usually not cut so deeply that the body sinks too much, because that would deform the spine.

The ventilation can be improved even further by not only forming the lower and / or upper lying surface of the mattress, but also cutting channels into the interior. So the mattress is ventilated from the inside, and it is also softer at these points.

Thanks to the technology of the profiling, the cold foam mattress, which is also an excellent support, becomes a mattress with several zones, which can confidently compete with high-quality memory mattresses or pocket spring mattresses, in terms of form adaptation and comfort.

How thick should the cold foam mattress be?

In our opinion, a mattress is only from 16-18 cm to use. A thicker mattress contains more material, does not soften so easily, no dents are formed, and the lying surface is also higher, so you do not have to scramble out of bed in the morning, but you just get up. It is no coincidence that serious mattresses are at least 18 cm thick for adults, only they can keep their body weight accordingly.

It is also true that the material of the mattress and its hardness also affect the ideal thickness. 18 cm does not mean anything if the mattress is too soft, and a corresponding firmer of 14 cm would also be suitable.

The cold foam mattress should be at least 16-18 cm thick, or even higher, its life also depends on other factors (quality, density, etc.).

Which bedstead is suitable for cold foam mattresses?

Thinner, 10-15 cm high mattresses have the disadvantage that they are not deep enough for the body weight, so you can feel at the hip underlying bed frame. With such a mattress, therefore, the frame must be elastic in order to provide shape adaptation.

However, if one adheres to the above rule (and takes a minimum of 18 cm mattress), you can also buy an elastic , adjustable frame for cold foam mattress , if you feel like you would rather save money and still find a permanent solution takes a bed frame made of solid, solid pinewood or hardwood.

For the hygiene of the cold foam mattress: washable cover and mattress protector

A mattress that you use for years becomes a real accumulation of mite droppings, which can be a serious health problem, because the mite faeces proteins are responsible for most allergic and asthmatic complaints. In addition, several liters of sweat get into the mattress core, not to mention the pollution. In short, the mattress will wear out in a few years.

As far as the air permeability is concerned, cold foam is the clear winner among the foams, thanks to the numerous thin channels in the interior, the profiling ensures even more effective air permeability. It is therefore more practical than other foam mattresses, but you still have to take additional measures to ensure the hygiene of the mattress for years.

A removable, washable cover is now standard on every mattress. It sounds good that the cover of the selected cold foam mattress is removable and even washable. But one thing you always forget: mattress covers are much thicker than a bed sheet, and a double-size cover does not fit in the washing machine, most can only be removed in one piece.