Ethics & Social Theology

Appraising The Challenges And Opportunities Arising From Economic And Business Life Today

29 June 2017


Societies and church communities across the world continue to face many challenges and opportunities in relation to economic and business life. In this year's study group (which is for one day only) we have the opportunity to assess the moral dimensions of particular aspects of these challenges and opportunities through biblical eyes. The final session of the day comprises the Tyndale Plenary Lecture, with the title: 'Economic Greed and Biblical Ethics'. The day will 'double up' as the termly research seminar for postgraduate students linked with KLICE (Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics) - which is itself linked with EST and Tyndale Fellowship under the Tyndale House umbrella. So, please note that, for this day, papers will be distributed beforehand, and participants will be expected to have read them.


The Ethics and Social Theology Group seeks short paper proposals, especially papers which address the themes above. The day will include three sessions for presentation and discussion of papers. Please submit proposals, including a title and short 150-200 word abstract, to the group's Chair, Andy Hartropp at

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Dates 29 June 2017

Venue Tyndale House, Cambridge

Cost £50 Study Group only

£130 Non Residential (Lunch & Dinner inc.)

£190 Single Room Full Board

£210 Double Room Full Board


Wolfson College, Cambridge

(5 minute walk from Tyndale House)

Plenary Lecture

Revd Dr Andy Hartropp

Director of Higher Education, Waverley Abbey College

Title "Economic Greed and Biblical Ethics"