Biblical Theology

The 'city of God'

5 July -7 July, 2017


The apostle John’s vision of the New Jerusalem in Revelation draws on imagery that goes back to the opening chapters of Genesis, underlining that the entire biblical metanarrative has a sustained interest in the concept of God dwelling with humanity on the earth. From Genesis to Revelation, Jerusalem/Mount Zion (and its antithesis, Babel/Babylon) is significant for the outworking of God's redemptive plan. The study group offers an opportunity to explore how the concept of the 'city of God' is a central theme in Scripture.

  • 2017 PAPERS

Jamie Davies ‘Was Jerusalem Builded Here? The City of God and the Question of History in the Apocalypses’

Colin Hamer ‘Paradise Lost: The Bible’s Marital Imagery Metanarrative’

Ian Paul Cities as arenas of discipleship and centres of loyalty in the Book of Revelation’

Anthony Petterson ‘Temple and City in Zechariah - A Biblical-theological Perspective’

Kathleen Rochester ‘Visions from Exile on the City of God’

Robert Rowe “ ‘The City of the Great King ’ : the city of God in the Psalms, with links to Isaiah and the Gospels? ”

Jonathan Rowlands “ The ‘Holy City’ in Matthew’s Gospel "

Mark Stephens ' The Eschatological City and the Modern City: Biblical Theology for Urban Existence '

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Registration Opens 1 March 2017

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Dates 5 July - 7 July, 2017

Venue Tyndale House, Cambridge

Cost £75 Study Group only


Wolfson College, Cambridge

(5 minute walk from Tyndale House)

Plenary Speaker

Dr William Ford

Old Testament and Hebrew, Belfast Bible College

Title "A Biblical Theology of the Canaanites"