Philosophy of Religion

24 June - 26 June, 2019

Early Bird Discount (£50) ends 31 March 2019

Venue: Tyndale House at Wolfson

Accommodation: Wolfson College, Cambridge (5 minute walk from Tyndale House)

2019 Programme

Chair: Dr. Daniel Hill

The Tyndale Fellowship's Study Group in Philosophy of Religion exists to promote evangelical-Christian philosophy, i.e. philosophy done in submission to the Bible as the supreme authority for knowing God's mind today.

Tyndale Lecture:

Dr Harry Bunting - Prolegomena to a Christian Moral Anthropology

Chris Woznicki, Are we free to pray?

Ben Page, How is God specially present in certain locations?

Max Baker-Hytch, Organic wholes and the problem of divine hiddenness

Mike DeVito, Kegan Shaw and Tyler McNabb, Proper Functionalism and Epistemological Disjunctivism: A Synergistic Proposal

Joseph Diekemper, Technological enhancement of the human person and the imago Dei

Phillip Kremers, The Objection of Horrendous Deeds

David Worsley, A Tale of Two Gardens

Carl Hildebrand, Weaknesses of Will: Some Philosophical Reflections on St Paul’s Body of Death

Yang Guo, Mere Christianity: More or Less

James Elliott, Ecumenical Theology and the Epistemology of Disagreement

Jamie Collin, Eternity, Foreknowledge, and Petitionary Prayer for the Past

Matt Hart, On God's Loving and Hating