Old Testament

Len Firth, Grasping His Garment: A study of Zechariah 7–8 and the mission of God
Lindsay Wilson, Can we derive ethical teaching from the Book of Job?
Lodewyk Sutton, An Enclosed Body: A spatial & anthropological analysis of Psalm 139 Michelle Stinson, David’s Repasts: Reflections on the rhetorical & theological use of food languagein the PsalterPaul Byun, Grumbling against Artaxerxes’ Instructions: The polemical use of loanwords & narrator shift in Ezra 8:35–36 Abraham Polanco, Paul’s Use of ἐκκλησία from Nehemiah 13:1
Lissa Wray Beal – Joshua & Jeremiah: Prophetic perspectives on hope & loss at land entry & exitJill Firth – Of the Shaping & Smashing of Pottery: Grace & judgment in the Book of JeremiahElizabeth Robar – Philology, Linguistics, and the Biblical Scholar Geoff Harper – Endangered or Dangerous? YHWH’s presence & impurity in Levitical perspectiveJ. Nathan Clayton – The Literary Frame of 1 Chronicles 229: An exegetical analysis

Tyndale OT Lecture: Katharine Dell – A Wise Man Reflecting on Wisdom: Qoheleth/Ecclesiastes