Research Consulting

Research and Data Management

I can take the tedium out of your research journey by processing and analyzing some of your qualitative data for you. I offer the following services:

- Transcription (of interviews, archival documents, and so on)

- Database & Catalogue Development

- Qualitative Research Analysis & Input

My research support services cost between $60-$80 (CAD) per hour.

I can also help you develop a data management system that makes sense for your needs and your specific project.

Research Dissemination Support

Do you want to share your research beyond the academy and its paywalls? Are your colleagues using Twitter to network and market themselves—and you feel like you don’t know where to start? #callme

I can help you market and mobilize your innovative research and new publications to a wider public audience, using social media (and the power of the Internet!)

You will develop a Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn account to join the online community in your field, and to strategically market yourself, your innovative research, and your publications.

Contact me for a consultation at tyleryank [at]

Why Choose Me?

I have many years of versatile research experience within academic, public, and private sector organizations in Canada. I am presently an Operations Coordinator and Researcher at Outwitly Inc., a service design consultancy, and I have conducted archival fieldwork on three continents. Formerly, I served as a Student Researcher with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), and as a Research Analyst with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

In 2011, I helped Concordia University (Montreal) develop its institutional Twitter feed, which now has over 68K followers. I've managed websites and social media for events and departments at McGill University since 2014. I am also a casual podcasting host for the New Books in British Studies channel with the New Books Network.