As a channel host for the New Books Network "New Books in British Studies" podcast, which includes adjacent fields like slavery studies, African history, Caribbean history, and European empires–I speak to authors about their newest works. It is entirely free. If you would like to be interviewed about your new manuscript (in any field), contact me!

Apr 20/18: Interview with Dr. Lisa Ze Winters about diaspora and women of mixed ethnicity in nineteenth-century Senegal, New Orleans, and Haiti.

Apr 17/18: Interview with Dr. Karen Teoh about overseas womens' education in British Malaysia and Singapore.

Mar 1/18: Interview with Dr. John Broich about the British Royal Navy and anti-slavery squadrons in the Indian Ocean.

Feb 8/18: Interview with Dr. Sasha Turner about enslaved women's pregnancy and child-rearing–and slave childhoods–in colonial Jamaica.

Jan 19/18: Interview with Dr. Monica Mattfeld about British masculinity, horsemanship, and centaurs (!!) in the 18th century.