Copyediting Services

Do you need someone to check your annual report for grammar consistency? Are you submitting your dissertation —but you have 970 citations to format? Need a proofreading eye for client deliverables? Send it all to me. I got this.

I provide copyediting and reference-editing support for non-fiction and technical writers, research professionals, and students. Let me tackle the details, and ensure that managers, granting bodies, and publishers are receiving a clean, highly-polished version of your written work.

My editing services typically cost $65-$75 (CAD) per hour.

I can also copyedit personal statements, applications, grant proposals, and website text.

Aren’t sure what services you need, but you know you need something?

Contact me for a consultation at tyleryank [at], or using this form.


As copyeditor, I will ensure that the internal mechanics of your text (the “copy”) is grammatically and stylistically correct, clear, and consistent, so that you are effectively communicating with your readers. Copyeditors do not manipulate the author’s voice or arguments - but we will check for correct grammar and punctuation, and details related to formatting and style. I can work on a range of materials in this capacity.

I also work with clients to adapt their writing for a formal Anglophone readership. I have previously worked with authors from France, India, and Japan. In this process, I can provide significant sentence reconstruction. This involves at least one Skype meeting.

References & Indexes

As reference editor, I will happily copyedit and format your footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations, and bibliography. This end-matter can often delay the publishing process -- I will ensure that these elements of your text are consistent and accurate.

Widely familiar with common academic citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard), I can also standardize your citations according to a publisher's specific guidelines. I will insert commas, check spacing, and alphabetize -- stages you likely don't have time for (and that I really enjoy!)

I also create end-of-the-book indexes for full manuscripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You would actually enjoy going through every single one of my footnotes?

Mind-boggling, I know. I am a highly meticulous and organized person, and I discovered in Year One of university that I loved writing up the bibliography for my essays more than writing the essays themselves.

How is the cost determined?

Pricing is determined by the number of services you request, and the length of time it will take me to complete them. Factors to consider include the length of the text, and the writing "stage" you are in (first draft versus final proofs). I may request a sample of the text in order to give you an estimate. My editing services typically cost $65–$75 (CAD) per hour.

Fine. I'm interested. Can we begin today?

Fantastic! Send me an email as soon as possible, to tyleryank [at] (or fill out this form) with a description of your project and the services you'd like. I may be available to begin immediately, but I typically ask that clients contact me well in advance of their own deadlines.