Tyler Yank

Copyeditor & Research Management Specialist

Bonjour, hi.

It's me, Tyler. I am a copyeditor and research support professional based in Ottawa and Montréal (Canada).

I offer a range of services to support your current writing and research needs in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

I am also a host for the New Books in British Studies podcast channel.

Follow me on Twitter: @Tyler_the_Girl

Contact me by email: tyleryank[at]gmail.com


I specialize in academic and non-fiction copyediting, style, and end-matter — the elements of publishing that you, as an author, are probably the least excited about. It’s your lucky day. I can help you reach your publishing goals and deadlines.

Research Support

As a history scholar, I have spent many hours photographing 200-year-old documents, followed by (another 200) years transcribing their contents. If you are overwhelmed by your fieldwork materials and data, I can help.