Tyler Buntrock is an energetic professional passionate about Career Development. He facilitates his goal of professionally mentoring others through his role as a Professional Recruiter at Insight Global.

Tyler Buntrock - Recruiter at Insight Global

Since childhood, Tyler Buntrock has been a major fan of baseball and football. The camaraderie found both on and off the field has always inspired him. Always a team player, Buntrock genuinely enjoys the sense of solidarity present in baseball, football and other team sports. In his adulthood, Buntrock has gravitated towards fitness training as a positive outlet. He enjoys visiting the gym regularly to work on his weight lifting. Recentering his mind through physical activity is a cornerstone of Buntrock’s focus on positivity and productivity.

As a professional, Tyler Buntrock draws on the many lessons he has learned as an athlete. In particular, he adopts the unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (or one for all, all for one) mentality. Both in terms of sports and his professional pursuits, Buntrock is passionate about mentoring others. He believes firmly in elevating and encouraging others to achieve their optimal performance — whether that’s in terms of their personal or professional passions. A team player, Tyler Buntrock believes that success is achieved when everyone contributes to a goal!

Recently, Tyler has joined the Bartering Exchange Network to provide career advice and mentoring students to young professionals looking to set off their career on the right path.


Tyler Buntrock Insight Global
Tyler Buntrock Professional Career - Mentor

Since the Fall of 2016, Tyler Buntrock has been a member of the Insight Global team. Initially joining the company as a Technical Recruiter, Buntrock quickly established himself as a devoted and determined team player. His initial accomplishments were recognized by Insight Global’s Rookie Recruiter of the Year award. Since then, Buntrock has continued to develop his professional mentoring and recruiting abilities. Along the way, he has racked up quite a few honors, including:

  • 2017 Q3 Professional Recruiter MVP

  • 2018 AF&E Professional Recruiter of the Year

  • 2018 Q2 Professional Recruiter MVP

  • 2018 Q3 Professional Recruiter MVP