Message from the Chair

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Getting Ready to Connect!

The morning air is cool and wet, and the sky is a bright blue. That means it’s October in the Midwest and TYCA will soon be gathering in Akron!

Two-year college English classrooms really are where the rubber meets the road--where theory, ingenuity, and practice meet. Whether you want to learn about incorporating storytelling into your lit class or how to build trauma awareness into your pedagogy, your colleagues from all over the Midwest Region are getting their presentations ready for you.

In TYCA-Midwest we gather to learn from each other, to connect with new colleagues and reconnect with old friends, and to become better teachers, scholars, and leaders ourselves. I can’t wait to see you there!

--Sarah Z Johnson, TYCA-MW Chair

Hey, what's up? You heading to the TYCA-MW conference? Excellent. Don't forget to use a hashtag!