Morrys Lab of Horrors

Pictures from Roman's STEM Events 2018

Slide Show Demo

Above is example of using a slideshow from Google Drive / Google Slides to display pictures and images on a webpage. It takes a bit of work / know-how to construct & configure, but it looks nice.

Below is example of creating a photo gallery using a Google Drive folder. The folder contains .jpg files. This is a much faster way of putting a lot of pictures on the a webpage with less effort than the Google Slides example above.

Ideas for Virtual Swap Meet Hosted on TX Wings Web Site

Virtual Swap Meet

Above is idea for a mini-Craigslist using a spreadsheet. I've concluded it would be too much work to maintain, since the club officers would need to maintain it based on emails from club members who want to sell, trade, etc. their items.

Below is more of a self-service model using a Google Group (named TX Wings Trader). Anyone can read the postings, but only members of the group can post and reply. There is a one-time process to request membership. (See instructions section below) The only maintenance required of club officers is:

  • approve/deny requests to join the group via the club Gmail account. (Requesters must be current members of TX Wings.)
  • remove old postings (suggest policy s/b to remove after > 120 days (3 months))
  • remove lapsed club members from the Google Group
  • ensure posting policies (no profanity, etc.) are adhered to