Larry Jensen Memorial Climb And Glide

Larry Jensen Memorial Climb And Glides .

Event Director: TBD

Eligibility: Any โ€œpropeller-powered airplaneโ€ (no motor-Sailplanes or motor-Gliders). Instructor w/Student Pilot, subject to

CD approval (Student must take-off and fly, Instructor may land from turn-to-final).

Dates: TBD


Registration: 11:00 AM โ€“ 2:00 PM, Pilotโ€™s meeting 12:00 PM

Flights begin at 12:00PM, all timed flights must be โ€œwheels-upโ€ before 3:00 PM.

Field is closed to โ€œopen flyingโ€, during this event.

1. Engine-run limited to 45 seconds. Engine/Motor must โ€œshut-offโ€ completely.

2. 6 minute flight maximum. Flight-time exceeding 6 minutes will be deducted from pilots score.

3. Aircraft must have integral wheeled landing gear, taxi, and rise-off-ground.

4. Timer begins with wheels airborne & stops when wheels first touchdown.

5. Aircraft which do not come to rest completely on the active runway will receive 45 second deduction.

6. Bonus time awarded based on aircraft stopped-position relative to runway-target-center. <3โ€™=+120 seconds, 3-8โ€™=+60 seconds, 8-15โ€™=+30 seconds.

Any portion of fully intact airplane must rest across line of circle, for points to be awarded.

7. Score is best three flights, of four attempts. Three flights must be completed with the same airplane, to qualify. No practice flights allowed during competition window. Any flight attempt, where wheels break contact from runway, is counted as an official attempt.