Waller County Fair "Kick Off"

Welding Competition and Build Off


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09/28/19 - "Kick Off" Waller County Fair 
The Texas High School Welding Series Kicked Off the 2nd Year of Welding Certification Events at the Waller County Fair September, 28th 2019.  Waller County started off the year with an three levels of welding competition, a Bring Your Own Rig Team Welding Event, Oxy-fuel Cutting Contest, Tool Identification and Safety Test Contest, a Master Welder TIG Competition/Certification and lots of hands on educational booths to explore.  Competitions and Certifications were open to Texas High School Students and the event was open for the public to view. 202 High School Welding Students from 23 area high schools came to Waller County Fair Grounds to test their welding skills and knowledge. They competed for certifications, awards, scholarships and pride!

Level 1

1F SMAW, E7018 1/8", Single passes, D9.1

Level 2

2F SMAW, E7018 1/8", Single/Multi Pass, D9.1

Beau Smotek - Jersey Village

1st Place Level 1

Todd Black - Temple

2nd Place Level 1

Chris Ramirez - Luling

3rd Place Level 1

Level 2

Hunter Krusleski - Jersey Village 3rd

Brant Prause - Columbus 1st

Brett Schneider - Giddings 2nd

Level 3

3F SMAW, E7018 1/8", Single/Multi Pass, D1.1

Level 3M

1G Groove GTAW, ER70S-2 or ER70S-3, ASME IX

Daulton Faubion - Temple 1st

Richard Boriak - Giddings 2nd

Cody Vance - Rockdale 3rd

Level 3 Masters

TOC Under Water Welding

Safety Quiz and Tool ID

Team Build

Industry and Educators at Waller County!

Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting Contest

Under Water Welding Winners

Safety Quiz and Tool ID Winners

Team Building

Cutting Contest Winners

Scholarship Recipients

John Evans $3,000

Joanna Oviedo $1,500

Arc Labs Tuition Scholarship

Kolton Brod

$1,000 SBS Scholarship

Brant Prause

$1,000 AWS Scholarship

Carlos Vera

South Coast Welding Academy

FULL Tuition Scholarship


The Ocean Corp Tuition Scholarship

Under Water Welding

1st Place $1,000

2nd Place $500

3rd Place $250

1st place winners in each individual competitive event also receive a Dive Bullion Coin and an Invitation to Compete at TOC for a Full Scholarship this spring!

Tulsa Welding Tuition Scholarship

Level 3 -

First Place $2,000 to Tulsa Welding School

Second Place $1,000 to Tulsa Welding School

All Level 3 Senior Competitors received a $250 Scholarship to Tulsa Welding School.

Cutting Contest -

First Place $1,000 to Tulsa Welding School

Second Place $500 to Tulsa Welding School

Special Thanks to the Sponsors of the

"Waller County - Weldin' Competition and Build Off"

SEE YOU ALL AGAIN SEPTEMBER 26th 2020 for the Waller County Weldin Event!!