Feb. 2, 2019

Jersey Village High School

02/02/19  -  Jersey Village High High School
Jersey Village High School is hosting their first Welding Certification Event this year. The Texas High School Welding Series, Sponsors and High School Welders from across the state are looking forward to this event. 
If you would like to check out the event contact William Pearson at Jersey Village High School at William.pearson@cfisd.net

Jersey Village Welding Contest Video!!

Jersey Village School produced this promotional video about the importance of training the next generation of welders through the High School Welding Series!


Tool Identification and Quiz Contest

Thomas Berry 1st Place

Marco Cazares 2nd Place

Jesse Smith 3rd Place

Level 1

Hector Barragan 1st Place

Isaac Mendoza 2nd Place

Nick Padfield 3rd Place

Level 2

Donavan Salazar 1st Place

Marco Cazarps 2nd Place

Hector Barragan 3rd Place

Level 3 & Scholarship Winners

Donavan Salazar 1st Place

1st Place- 75% tuition scholarship

Marco Cazarps 2nd Place

2nd Place- 50% tuition scholarship

Hector Barragan 3rd Place

3rd Place - 25% tuition scholarship

Northern Tool - Powerful Coupon

Northern Tool & Equipment Co., Inc. is sponsoring the Texas High School Welding Series. We are proud to have Northern Tool & Equipment Co., Inc. supporting our young welders in Texas, not only are they sponsoring the prizes at the Jersey Village " Falcon Weld It Up" Welding Certification Event Saturday, February 2nd, but they are offering everyone a free gift. Commonly seen at these THSWS Welding Certification Events are young welders carting around their welding supplies by hand or in hood, so the solution ... Northern Tool & Equipment Co., Inc. is issuing a special coupon to help these young welders tote their supplies from welding events to the job site! From February 2, 2019 till March 30, 2019 you can print and redeem the attached coupon at any Northern Tool & Equipment Store for a FREE 5 Gallon Bucket, plus some additional cash savings on purchases. ($5 OFF any purchase of $15 or more, $10 OFF any purchase of $30 or more, and $25 OFF any purchase of $100 or more!)

View Top 10 Test Coupons and X-Rays in each Level

(Click above to see test plates and x-rays)

(Click above to see test plates and x-rays)

(Click above to see test plates and x-rays)

Welding Certification Event Sponsors