Jan. 19, 2018

Cypress Ridge High School

01/19/19  -  The Cypress Ridge FFA held its 6th annual Welding contest.  Contestants from Columbus, Magnolia, Beeville, Rockdale, Caldwell, Cy-Fair, Cy-Falls, Jersey Village met to compete in 1 of 3 levels.  Level 1 consisted of a 3F Fillet weld with gas type .045 flux core wire on 3/8” mild steel.  Level 2 had the students welding an open root groove weld with a 30 degree bevel on 3/8” mild steel with a 1/8” 6010 for their root pass while using gas type .045 flux core wire for their fill and cover.  Level three saw the contestants welding 4” schedule 40 pipe with a 30 degree bevel on a roll out wheel using 1/8” 6010 electrodes for their hot pass, and 1/8” 7018 electrodes for the fill and cover.  
In addition to welding in the contest, students were able to speak and visit with industry leaders, and sponsors of the contest, such as Enerflex, IPS, Alltex welding supply, I&O Manufacturing, R&N Manufacturing, JK welding, Brumley Manufacturing, Frontline Blasting, Arc Labs Welding School, TSTC, Acuren, Myraid Fabrication, Weld and Art, M & C Fabrication, and Absolute Fabrication.  By doing this, contestants were able to get a better understanding of what the industry needs are, and how they could potentially earn a position in one of their company’s.  Jump starting their career in a trade thirsty for young, energetic, new employees.  Or if they so choose, speaking with admission councilors at one of the trade schools in attendance.  In addition, the contest gives company’s a sort of “Preview day” of what is about to come out into the workforce and how instructors are meeting their needs for the next generation of employees. 
Congratulations to all the contestants and winners.  And thank you to all the sponsors.  With either, our contest or any other would not be possible.  

Results from the Cypress Ridge Welding Certification Event

Video from the Cypress Ridge Welding Certification Event

Pictures from the Cypress Ridge Welding Certification Event

Thank you to our Local Sponsors of the Cypress Ridge Welding Certification Event