The Ocean Corporation

"Texas Wet Welding Championship 2020"

Test your welding skills in a whole new world! Dive into the underwater world with The Ocean Corporation, Houston, Texas!

TBD - "Texas Wet Welding Championship" The Ocean Corporation


Earn your way to dive for scholarship!

Dive for scholarship this spring at the Texas Wet Welding Championship at The Ocean Corporation campus in Houston, Texas. Only 40 Diver's Bullion exist to earn a spot at the championship event. There are a couple ways to earn your Diver's Bullion Coin:

  • Win 1st or 2nd at an Ocean Corp Welding Event at a Texas High School Welding Series Event or other TOC sponsored event.
  • Complete The Ocean Corporation Application to Dive and contact Ocean Corporation in Houston for an tour for more details on this multi step qualification process.

The Ocean Corp

"Diver's Bullion Coin"

Underwater Welding at The Ocean Corporation

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