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Level 3M - RESULTS

Level 3M: GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

  • Position: 2G Pipe
  • Material: 4” Sch 40 Carbon Steel Pipe
  • Weld Joint: Single V-Groove (Butt Weld)
  • Bevel Angle: 37.5 Degree Max (75 Degrees Included)
  • Root Opening: 3/16” Max
  • Land or Root Face: 1/8” Max
  • Electrode Diameter and Classification: 3/32”-1/8” ER70S-2
  • Single Root Pass and Single Hot Pass (1/8” Max Root Reinforcement Height)
  • Multi Pass: Fill and Cap (1/2” Max Bead width and 1/8” Max Weld Reinforcement Height)
  • Shield Gas: 100% Argon
  • No Purge
  • Welding Code: Performance Qualification, Visual Inspection, and RT to ASME Section IX

1st Place

Ernesto Lozano


2nd Place

Austin Odstrcil

JB Hensler

3rd Place

Joel Espitia


4th Place

Adrian Rodriguez


5th Place

Carlos Vera


6th Place

Tim Ulbricht


Weld Procedure Specification

Levels 3M

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2G Groove Pipe

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