02/07/20 - Newton "BBQ PIT CONTEST "

Downloads for Event:

Contest Rules, Registration, Plans

Liability Waiver and Release Form


Any questions please email:

Daniel Odom

Agriculture Science Teacher

Newton High School


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Contest Information:

CONTEST DATE: Saturday, April 4, 2020

PLACE: Venus Bulldog Football Stadium Parking lot 12 Bulldog Dr. Venus Tx. 76084

TIME: 7:30 AM-3:30

Cost: ENTRY FEE IS $600.00

30 teams are allowed to register!


  • The purpose of this contest is to incorporate the ability to think on your feet and produce a project under pressure.
  • Projects are judged based on workmanship.


  • Banners will be presented to the top 5 teams. Buckles for the champion team. Champion team will also receive material for a second BBQ pit to take home.
  • Each team will take possession of their pit at the days end.
  • Projects will not be painted nor will students have much time to cosmetically alter the project in the time allotted.

Contest Rules:

1. Each team (4 individuals) may only use the equipment they bring. Nothing will be furnished including electricity. A team may bring as many welders, grinders, torches, etc…. as needed. NO GMAW OR FCAW ALLOWED!!

2. We will not guarantee a level surface to work on. Plan accordingly.

3. You will be allowed 15 minutes with your Ag teacher once your spot has been assigned and a horn blows. A second horn will blow signaling the 15 minute time limit. Ag teachers can give verbal advice to students throughout the day, but may not enter the designated work area after the 15 minute period.

4. You will have 8 hours to complete the smoker. Once the final horn blows you will walk away and the judging will begin.

5. The judge’s decision is final.

6. Each Team will be given a critique sheet after awards.

7. Safety will be judged as well throughout the contest.

8. You will furnish your own rods, grinding rocks, and cords.

9. Your metal will be precut and on a pallet for you to use. The Pipe for the BBQ pits will be cut to length. The pipes for the skids will have to be cut to size and all saddles and miters will have to be cut.