TWIZTID TIMEZ GRID - Owned and operated by Abbey Normal, who just so happens to be vertically challenged (prefers the term "Fun Size"), but sharp as a whip and Omy Goodness, Abbey's sister, partner in crime, the Thelma to Abbey's Louise, and the most normal of the two, which isn't saying much! 

A friendly, moderate Grid with seasonal changes taking place throughout the year, while offering a peaceful place to visit, nest, or build the Empire of your dreams. 

In an effort to be inclusive in OpenSim and to honor creators' Permissions/TOS, Twiztid Timez Grid DOES NOT & WILL NOT offer god mode to residents.

Twiztid Timez Grid is open to all guests from all grids unless you or your grid has been banned for abuse, bullying, griefing or copybotting. If you're interested in obtaining a [TTG]Account, you must be sponsored by an existing resident.

We are a family friendly sim. Clothing required and be sure all your bits are tastefully covered in the G and M rated areas or you'll be asked to go home and change.

Humans, Dinkies, & Child Avis (don't get weird) allowed in the Welcome Area, the Sandbox, the Community Farm, all grid owned GENERAL Region, and anywhere else other region owners allow as long as it's Rated G. DO NOT ABUSE CHILD AVIS, RESIDENTS or GUESTS or you'll be BANNED without any notice! 

Be sure to read the Covenants for this Grid

Twiztid Timez Grid History


TWIZTID TIMEZ GRID was created as an open grid for all with access to Premium & Free Content, coastal and farm town living, and a zero drama tolerance policy. 

April 15, 2023 TWIZTID TIMEZ GRID was born and construction broke ground.  The logo design is a representation of a double life. The reality is that times today are crazy, twisted and sometimes just seem upside down. We are in a "When Pigs Fly" kinda time. Having this thought in mind the name of the grid and the slogan was born ~ "The World's twisted times aren't ours, but our TWIZTID TIMEZ InWorld are better!"

TWIZTID TIMEZ GRID officially opened for business 01/01/24

World Environment Settings Suggested

Recommend setting World Environment to "View Use Shared Environment"

*In Firestorm Viewer Top Toolbar, select World, in the drop down select Environment, and the carat to the right will show the selections to choose from.

{During the holidays we strongly advise you set your view to MIDNIGHT or SHARED ENVIRONMENT}