Art by Kenneth Rivera

Sol y Luna Gallery

Join us on September 30th, 2023 from 10 am to 4 pm for the

18th Annual Twin Cities Coop Tour

A self-guided, totally free tour of some of the coops and flocks living in our backyards!

Whether you already have chickens, want to have chickens, or are just curious about how this whole backyard chicken thing works, join us on the Twin Cities Coop Tour for inspiration, information, and to have fun! Here's how it works: chicken owners from around the Metro sign up to volunteer their coops, we compile the host's addresses and names into an accessible map, then on September 30th between 10 am and 4 pm, you can visit as many of the coops as you want to! This is a free, self-guided event, so all you need to attend is the map which is available below and is updated with additional tour stops as hosts continue to volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering your coop, head over to the Host Sign-up page to complete the form! 

 We'll continue updating this site as we gather our hosts, so keep an eye out as we get closer to September 30th!

Eggplant Urban Farm Supply

1771 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104

Stop by the store during the tour to say hi, get a sticker or a temporary tattoo, buy a t-shirt, or win a prize! We will have t-shirts and stickers with this year's art by Kenneth Rivera available for purchase, and local feed company Mile Four will be tabling with samples, know-how, and a prize wheel. 


531 Dayton Ave. 

St. Paul, MN 55102

Please enter our backyard using the gate on the right (east) side of the house. If the chickens are free ranging, the gate will be closed... so don't be shy, come on in! Our coop is an insulated shed connected to our home. We also built a custom run that is two-stories tall and includes a built-in garden bed. The build took a lot longer than we anticipated - but we love the outcomeas do our six chickens - Rhya, TukTuk, Namari, The Drune, Heart, and Sisu! 


570 Portland Ave. 

St. Paul, MN 55102

Come into the backyard through the gate off the alley (south of the house). Can’t miss the coop! We have 4 hens and they are our first flock. We built the run/coop to be able to accommodate 6 hens. The Run features buried hardware cloth and rock border and solar lights for evening ambiance :-) 


3904 23rd Ave. S 

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Please come up the front steps and you will be guided to the coop. 


1000 Carlton Drive

Shoreview, MN 55126

We are in a suburban residential neighborhood and our coop is in the back yard, accessible by a level sidewalk and gate alongside the garage. Our coop was built in 2020 by my husband based on plans from HGTV. It is not heated or insulated but we have homemade wind screens for the run that we install for the winter. We are knowledgeable about local predators and treating minor chicken injuries and illnesses. We are excited to share what we've learned these past three years! 

Kyle & Jennifer

2541 Dresden Lane

Golden Valley, MN 55422

Built in 2023, to stay ahead of our quickly growing chicks Sesame (Speckled Sussex), Alfredo (Cream Legbar), Tikka (Olive Egger), and General Tso (Sapphire Gem), our coop is 32 Sq Ft with 12 of it dedicated to storage. It also has a run along our large garden with an outdoor perch. It is in the backyard so enter around the right of the house through the gate and head down the steps. We are at the end of a cul de sac.  

Craig & Dana

7044 Stevens Ave. S

Richfield, MN 55423

Enter our yard through the gate in our driveway. We have three ducks, Lefse (Welsh Harlequin), Chelan (Welsh Harlequin), and Gilly (Cayuga) 

Jeffrey & Deanna

11420 Ridgemount Ave. W

Plymouth, MN 55441

The coop is my design and is a conglomeration of extensive reading on coop designs and using refurbished building materials. 

Sandy NR

8930 Oakhill Ave. N

Stillwater, MN 55082

Set on a picturesque hill in beautiful Stillwater Township, our Girls enjoy a large yard and call a former ice fishing house their home. Each hen is named after flowers that surround the property. We’re less than two miles north of Stillwater near the Brown’s Creek Trail. Visitors should avoid traveling north out of downtown Stillwater to Washington County 96. Instead, take Manning Ave N from Hwy 36. Then, right onto Dellwood Rd (County 96). After turning left onto Oakhill Ave N, turn left again on Oakhill Ct. N.   Park on our side of the road and walk into our driveway. We’re asking that no one enter the coop or yard area. Both are easily viewed from the outside.  

The Rede Family

3537 16th Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407

We have been keeping backyard chickens for thirteen years now, and we are always making improvements to our DIY chicken coop to make it a safer, comfier home for our flock. We also keep backyard honey bees, and have two giant-breed dogs. We are happy to connect, so please stop by and chat! 

Jen & Mike

872 Dayton Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55104

Our cedar coop houses four hens—a Buff Orpington (Lexi), Easter Egger (Katie), Silver-Laced Wyandotte (Holly), and Lavender Orpington (Ash)—named after Saint Paul streets. This year will be our second time hosting and we look forward to chatting with you about all we've learned, including integrating new birds into your flock, all things winter, and more. Walk up the driveway, push open the gate, and around the garage. 


1274 Snelling Ave. N

St. Paul, MN 55108

We have 5 hens (Maria, Marta, Brigitta, Louisa, and Gretl) in a combination coop and covered run I built from reclaimed materials plus a separate covered, mobile tractor I also built. It's best to approach our house from the alley (Asbury St.) via Almond or Canfield. We have off-street parking behind and next to our garage. 


2335 Blomquist Ave.

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

4-bird free-standing stained-wood coop and attached walk-in run (currently with 3 young hens). A bit of a dumpster-diving project: built out of mostly-scrounged materials from plans we drew up ourselves. Run roof and winterproofing still in progress. You can go straight to the backyard through the fence gate between the garage and house. It is under some big spruce trees. The birds are very friendly (sometimes also a little escapey at the door) if you want to go in the run. 

David & Leah

3949 21st Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Flock of buff orpingtons with a small custom built coop and connected run. Chickens have a a 25ft "chunnel" connecting the run to another outdoor enclosed area. Archway with vines and garden planters provide shade in the summer months. Please enter through gate at the front of the house and the coop is in the back. 


85 Hatch Ave. W

St. Paul, MN 55117

We are a small Urban Homestead located in the heart of the North End. I have over 20 chickens, including two roosters (visitors PLEASE don’t wear big “work” type boots… Joey will have a come-apart and attempt to spank you for your fashion violations 🤪) We do everything as frugally as we possibly can, while maintaining our holistic principles. Our set up isn’t “PRETTY” - but we will absolutely show you how to navigate functionality on a budget 💖 Please park either along the side of the house on Park St. or in the driveway. We also have dogs!


1869 Sargent Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55105

We have a mixed breed backyard flock just a few minutes down Fairview from Eggplant. Our handcrafted coop is insulated and mounted on the wall of our garage. Chickens leave the coop through a pre-existing sliding door window in the garage, then go down a ramp into the run. They then have access to the yard. For viewing, please enter through gate on side of the house or in alleyway. All are welcome! 

Burckhard & Elizabeth

1767 Alameda St.

Roseville, MN 55113

We are the happy owners of 9 chickens of 7 breeds. Every day they provide us with happiness, relaxation, and eggs. We started our first chicks 1.5 years ago in a wooden box in the middle of our living room. We have since built a coop that you see on the picture and a tunnel leading them to their chicken house (not in the picture). To meet coop, chickens and us, please go around the left side of our house. 

Sandy C

9860 Kadler Ave NE

Otsego, MN 55362

The coop was built in 2021 and is attached to a repurposed pergola. The coop is a deep litter system and is home to Louise, Wilma, and Mercedes.

The coop is located in our backyard. Simply park in the street and follow the signs.