TWIM Retreat

(Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation)

Melbourne, Australia 2018 - 28 September ~ 8 October

Buddha Gotama taught something that uplifted those who heard him teach. Many attained sotapanna just listening to his words. He taught a way out of suffering. It is that teaching that offers to all humanity peace with itself. He understood that in order for mankind to stop War, they must first learn the truth of suffering and the cessation of suffering. How does it work? He offered them a final answer. But, even more important, he offered a compassionate way here and now for you and me to relieve our daily suffering and bring back a smile. He gave humanity an escape and said "come and see". His escape was simple. It can be felt "immediately".

​ Bhante Vimalaramsi takes you on a journey to experience a way out of much of the suffering you face today. Come and listen to a gentle guiding voice full of Metta and Karuna and hear what the Buddha's own words taught his own people and monks. Listen to how he describes his own meditation and how to abandon much of your suffering. Learn the drills the monks practiced to free themselves from atta. Discover a development chart that will help you gauge your own progress. Begin to see what Buddha Gotama experienced in his own meditation and why he said, "We are the happy ones!" Listen to a way out of humanity's vast trammel of war and hate in this world today. Learn about the Buddha’s measure for your own successful meditation. Reclaim your own internal peace and smile.

The Teacher - Bhante Vimalaramsi


THANK YOU to all who have helped with funds for Bhante's flight to Australia. We have managed to reach the target and the dream of having a TWIM retreat in Australia is slowly becoming a reality.

We are currently seeking financial support for the breakfast meals, if you are able to assist kindly contact us.


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28 Sep ~ 8 Oct 2018


Female cottages - FULL, register to be on the waiting list.

Male cottages - only 3 spaces left.

Bhaddeka Vihari Meditation Centre - Ripplebrook Cottages

1855 Westernport Road, Ripplebrook, Victoria 3818, Australia

Website Link


Shared accomadation - Total Cost per person AU$400

Cottage 1 (Females) - Capacity 8

Cottage 2 (Males) - Capacity 6

Cottage 3 (Males) - Capacity 8


Lunch will be provided by visiting devotees. If you are able to support financially or with the cooking for Breakfast meals, please contact us.

Note: Inline with the 8 precepts, only Breakfast and Lunch are consumed; however if there are special dietary requirements please do provide details during the registration process.

The Retreat Schedule - 28 Sep ~ 8 Oct

Official retreat days will begin on the 29th of September and end on the 8th of October.

Friday, 28th September - Arrival and Registration time will begin afternoon.

Evening opening Talk will include site orientation, guidelines for retreat, and basic instructions.

Saturday, 29th September - Begin Retreat. the retreat will be a silent retreat under 8 precepts, with daily interviews.

This is a Metta-Vipassana Retreat.

Monday, 8th October - The retreat will officially end on the 8th of October after morning service, meditation and breakfast.

Laundry Facilities

Offsite laundry facilities available.

Schedule and cost to be confirmed.


Group pickup and drop off options are currently being investigated and are dependant on demand; please stay tuned for further details.

It is recommended that own transport to be arranged to and from the retreat(s).

Limited public transport options are available, however does not travel all the way up to any of the centres.

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Questions regarding the program and practice

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Questions regarding accommodation

Please contact the Retreat Coordinators -

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