TROSS! Viking Chess

FAQs (Click Me)

Q1: What counts as a "trap"?

  • You MUST only use your pieces to trap your opponent's pawn on their throne.

  • They must not be able to jail-break out of the trap.

Q2: What if their opponent is part of the trap? (For instance, if I surround their throne and they have two pieces that can't move away from the throne.)

  • If you are having to use their pawn to comprise your "trap", this is not a trap. They still effectively have someone helping to protect their throne.

Q3: Can I still win if they never move away from their throne?

  • Yes, but you might need to change your strategy to force a move. This may involve risking a stalemate in order to force them to move. Welcome to TROSS.

Q4: Can I barricade my own throne? Please?

  • Yes and No. Official play dictates that you cannot barricade your own throne. However, if you get joy out of being punished then feel free to ignore this rule. Don't say we didn't warn you. It's not for the faint at heart.