Summer 2019 Overview

Thomas Worthington Girls Soccer 2019 Overview

Athletic Development and Physical Preparation

Hello everyone, I’m excited to create and coach the physical preparation component for the 2019 season. Below I’ve shared a little bit about the plan. My background is pretty diverse -- 30+ years in movement, strength and conditioning at every level and many sports. There are no secrets to athletic success -- we simply “do the right amount of the right stuff at the right time” which ultimately reduces the risk of injury while improving performance. We’re able to find the “right amount” by watching and listening to feedback, then adjusting per the individual.

Fundamental movement skills underpin all (physical ability) sports skills. This is where we start. How well we move (lift, carry, jump / land, run, plant, cut, change directions) and are able to get into and control the right positions will determine how we perform.

No one workout will make an athlete, but one workout can break an athlete. Training is cumulative . . . so is fatigue. We won’t try to get game fit in six weeks, that doesn’t work. We will work through three phases.

Phase I: Foundational Strength:

  • Introduction to fundamental movements -- plug any gaps. Technique training.

Phase II: Performance:

  • Continuing with strength and technique -- more volume, and building work capacity, adjust as needed.

Phase III: High Performance:

  • Strength, power, work capacity -- check the gauges, adjust as needed.

Conditioning will prepare the girls to play . . . not for irrelevant fitness tests that most programs use. Tired and slow will not win games, regardless of how tough we are. We will condition properly and train for speed. Nobody will puke, everyone will work and will be as fresh as possible for the season. Training is work with a purpose . Mindless conditioning (long, slow running) and lifting for the sake of lifting is not the plan. We’ll do the important stuff really well -- and we won’t know what that entails until we know where everyone physically is.

No two individuals are alike -- we have a plan and write in pencil so we can edit quickly, and sometimes on the fly as needed. The next lift, level or phase is earned, not dictated by a sheet of paper or a calendar.

The plan is to reach a level of competence which will lead to confidence in the weight room with Phase I and then check-ins through Phases II and III. I will be available via mail and phone to staff, players and parents. And then I’ll be with the team weekly with conditioning through the pre-season and into the season. Strength training in-season will look different, but will continue.

-Jeff Turner

Please contact me with questions at or 614-561-4222.