Department of Extra-curricular Activities

School Houses

Our school has four houses. They are Diligence House, Frugality House, Loyalty House and Faithfulness House. Each house is eager to join different inter-house competitions such as Athletic Meet, Swimming Gala, ball games, chess competition, debate competition and drama competition.

Teachers in-charge

Ms Kwan May Ping

House Teachers 社導師

Diligence House 勤社:Ms. Yip Yik Lun & Mr. Wong Yin Hang

Frugality House 儉社:Ms. Wu Hoi Yan & Mr. Chan Kwok Wai

Loyalty House 忠社:Ms. Tse Bo Yu & Mr. Wong Cheuk Man

Faithfulness House 信社:Ms. Lau Ching Man & Mr. Cheung Chau Fan

Affiliated House Teachers

House of Diligence

Ms. Chu Wan Kam

Ms. Chan Ka Yuen

Ms Wong Lai Fan

Ms. Li Wai Ki

Mr. Chow Hung Wai

Mr. Lam Yiu Chun

Mr. Ngai Kwok Hing

Mr. Chan Kwong Tat

House of Frugality

Ms. Chui Cheuk Lam

Ms. Yip Wai Mei

Ms. Shum Wai Man

Ms. Wu Wai Sze

Ms. Ho Shuk Yi

Ms. Lee Wing Sze

Mr. Or Ching

Mr. Ng Lik Hang

Mr. Yuen Wai Wah

Mr. Chung King Chi

Mr. Chan Chu Sang

House of Loyalty

Ms. Lee Yim Ling

Ms. Ng Wai Han

Ms. Cheng Bo Wah

Ms. Cheung Ka Ho

Ms. Kwong Mei Lin

Mr. Lau Hon Cheong

Mr. Kan Kai Wing

Mr. Chan Chi Wah

Mr. Yiu Kit Man

Mr. Tai Chiu Kei

Mr. Cheung Wai Ching

House of Faithfulness

Ms. Lee Ming Lan

Ms. Wen Pui Yi

Ms. Lui Pui Wa

Ms. Sze Hoi Shan

Ms. Lee Hung

Ms. Kwok Fung Wa

Mr. Ong Chun Kit, David

Mr. Wong Hoi Lung

Mr. Tang King Chiu

Ms. Lee Chi Fan

Ms. Yeung Yuk Chun