Christopher Southan

Update: TW2Informatics is no longer active

The positive context for this news is that as of May 2021, I have a permanent position as a Competitive Intelligence Analyst for the UK Medicines Discovery Catapult.

TW2Informatics Limited as UK Company Number 6451671, was instantiated in 2007 and closed down in 2021. Since I have used this affiliation in a number of publications and presentations I will leave this page here (as a piece of web archaeology) to provide explanatory context for anyone following up on this past affiliation.

Past News: June 2020 contract work for Medicines Discovery Catapult , Jan 2020, University of New Mexico became a new client. Nov 2019, passed the magic 100 papers in PubMed and awarded Clarivate "Highly Cited Researcher" (again) for 2019, Sept 2019, appointed Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh in the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences, August 2019, work completed for a new customer Novaremed, July 2019 ; Completed a substantial Academic Drug Development report now on ChemRxiv, commissioned by Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and IUPHAR , August 2018; appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico Department of Internal Medicine

Introduction: My consulting value was derived from being an accomplished senior scientist with a multidisciplinary background. As well as successes in team management and project leadership I have a documented achievement record in data mining, biocuration, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, proteomics, genomics, bioactive chemistry databases, drug target discovery and protein chemistry. My experience and broad contact network encompasses both the scientific, strategic and commercial aspects of pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D. Past clients have included the AstraZeneca Knowledge Engineering Program and SureChem (ex Digital Science and precursor of SureChEMBL)

Background: see LinkedIN profile, including a CV, advisory board memberships, recent publications and open recommendations

Previous recent position: Senior Cheminformatican for the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database (May 2013 to October 2018) within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences, Edinburgh University, Scotland but working remotely from Sweden

Publications: PubMed Southan C has 109 PMIDS (as of June 2020), ORCID ID 0000-0001-9580-0446 with an h-index of 48 on Google Scholar

Blog: Bio < > Chem should be of interest and provides an detailed expertise showcase

Presentations: Slideshare


Contact: mobile (Sweden) 0046-702-530710, Skype: cdsouthan, resident in Göteborg , Sweden, 42166.

Specialist Areas

  • Artisanal biocuration

  • Data mining

  • Comparative database evaluation

  • Patent informatics, chemistry extraction and connectivity between all document types and databases

  • Documentation for web applications, ranging from feature testing, help texts, user manuals, tip-sheets, exploitation guides and strategic utility reviews

  • Protein and nucleotide databases, annotation and sequence analysis

  • PubChem masterclasses (including advanced inter-source comparisons)

  • Comprehensive drug target characterisation across public sources

  • Gene-identifier mapping, name disambiguation and drug target-assay linkages

  • Alignments, trees and other aspect of protein evolution

  • Protease drug targets and biology

  • Pathways, Systems Biology and Omics data

  • Cheminformatic exploration of sequence-target-assay-activity relationships various sources

  • Protein sequence-structure-ligand relationships

  • Comparative genomic analysis

  • SNPs and other types of genetic variation for disease-association or pharmacogenomics

  • Web-based tools, databases and major portals for bioinformatics

  • Software evaluation and database tyre-kicking

  • Proteomics data evaluation

  • Protein separation techniques including chromatography and 2D gels

  • HPLC of peptides and proteins, conventional, high-speed and microbore

  • Student project proposals, supervision and evaluation

  • Lectures/teaching/workshops

  • Manuscript editing

  • Translation of German biomedical text into English