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Available in the U.S. nationwide. This lineup offers a sample of channels we offer. Enter Code - tv/start Code YouTube is the best video-sharing platform. Where any users can upload and share videos with anyone able to access the site. Youtube is very different from other video-sharing platforms. It offers live shows, movies, and other video content from many channels. These videos can also be embedded and shared on other sites. YouTube was developed by former PayPal employees in 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006. It has had a profound impact on media and advertising. It is a free video-hosting website that allows members to store and serve video content. You can easily activate YouTube TV on your device at

What Are the Main Features of YouTube?

Youtube provides a large number of features to its users. From live video to download videos.

  1. Dark mode- YouTube provides dark mode, which is best. It makes the video more cinematic.

  2. You can easily turn Videos into GIFs. Whatever video you like, you can easily convert it into a gif.

  3. It also provides live streaming direct broadcasts of ABC, CBS. FOX, NBC, The CW, and 40 other cable channels by youtube TV.

  4. YouTube released a separate for kids app called YouTube Kids. It is a curated playground for kids with no risk of suggestive content.

How to create an account on YouTube TV?

Follow the given instruction to create an account in few minutes:-

  1. Open your browser.

  2. Visit and click on the login button

  3. Fill in all the details asked in the form and click on "Submit."

  4. Then, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.

  5. Follow all on-screen instructions, and you will get your account.

  6. Now, visit and click on Sign In with Gmail and add an account.

How to activate YouTube TV on your device by

You can easily activate youtube on your device by following the given instructions:-

  1. Open the Youtube TV on your TV or on the device you want to watch YouTube TV.

  2. Open App Store and search for youtube TV app. "

  3. Install and open the YouTube TV app

  4. Then, open the setting and click on Sign-in Option

  5. Now, an activation code will appear on your screen for registering your device.

  6. Visit on your browser and click on Try for free Sign in to your google account.

  7. Enter the code that appears on your device's screen and clicks on "Register Device."

Now it's all set. Enjoy YouTube TV on your device.

How to activate YouTube TV on PlayStation?

  1. Open your PS3 and log in with your Google account.

  2. click on settings using the "X" button on the console.

  3. You will get an activation code on your screen.

  4. Open by mobile phone or laptop/computer.

  5. At last, Enter the activation code in the space.

How to create a YouTube channel?

  1. Sign in to your Google account

  2. Create a new YouTube channel using your Google account.

  3. Add Basic Info to your channel for discoverability.

  4. Upload branding elements to your channel.

  5. Add videos and optimize them for search.