Professional skills

career management

No matter what industry you are interested in pursuing, you need to build your soft skills. Soft skills are not restricted to a specific field and they help you adapt and deal effectively with the challenges in your professional and everyday life. Soft skills are just as important to your professional success as your job-specific skills. If you want to thrive in your chosen industry, it’s worth developing these essential skills. Courses like self-awareness, working in teams, or communication in the workplace will help you well before you land your first job. For students or those who have not entered the workforce, these skills can be practiced while speaking to teachers, classmates, administrators, coaches, and teammates.

These professional skills & career management courses are used in all of our cohort trainings and recommended to all of our clients.

Case managers at the Tri-Valley Career Center approved the personal growth courses on this platform which are listed under Professional Skills and Career Management in the image below.