HR 1/S 1

For the People Act

Stop the Voter Suppression Laws being enacted by Republican State Legislatures by passing HR1/S1: For the People Act

(...we need to end the filibuster to make it happen)

Common Cause is continuing phonebanks in support of the Freedom to Vote Act through October. Calls will ask voters to call their Senators. Swing Blue Alliance will host calls all of October on Mondays 4-6pm. Sign up here! -

How can we out-of-staters help West Virginia sway Joe Manchin? The most constructive role we can play is to support in-state grassroots groups doing this work!

We can donate to support the efforts of WV Citizens for Clean Elections , a coalition co-founded over 20 years ago by WV Citizen Action Group. The coalition is now leading efforts in West Virginia to promote and pass the For the People Act.

Click here to donate any amount that is comfortable for you - $10, $20, $50 $100 - it will all add up and make a difference.

End Citizens United Weekly calls here

Swing Blue Alliance Weekly calls to recruit volunteers here

For the People Weekly briefing here

Truth Brigade S1 toolkit here

One Pager: Why Democrats Must Urgently Pass the For the People Act

Poll: Majority of Republican citizens support the reform.

"Inside the Koch backed effort to block the largest election reform bill in half a century"

Read their annotated guide to For the People Act here. This bill does much more than voting rights. Gerrymandering-Dark Money-Ethics and more