DC Statehood

Since 1776, things have changed!! As it is now, the Senate is outdated and dangerously skewed to the Republicans:

  • The Senate was designed to give disproportional power to land owning white men; and minimize power of immigrants, People of Color, poor and urban populations

  • The danger is that Republicans will permanently maintain control of the Senate;

    • in 20 years half the US population will live in 8 states, with only 16 senators

    • Whiter, more rural, more conservative states will have 84 senators.

    • DC statehood would restore DC citizen's rights and help address the Senate imbalance:

      • DC has 700,000 residents - more than Wyoming or Vermont.

      • It would be the only state to have a plurality of Black residents.

      • DC residents pay more in taxes than 22 other states.

      • DC residents want statehood and recently voted in 2019 to approve it.

      • HR 51 (the DC statehood bill) was passed by the House in 2020 and it now has overwhelming support among Senate Democrats.

So let’s get two more Democratic Senators now!

We want the Senate to know that all 50 states support DC Statehood!

Two exciting new actions!

  1. Send 5 postcards to your friends asking them to call their senators in support of DC Statehood (contact christine@indivisibleacton.org for more information)

  2. Send Thank You postcards to Senators Markey and Warren and your House Representative (Coming mid-June)

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