Current Projects

Current Projects

Postcards to help NJ and VA stay blue

Studies show that voters who receive handwritten postcards are significantly more likely to vote. With these postcards from Progressive Turnout Project, the largest voter contact organization in the US, you’ll be reaching voters in states with critical elections in 2021 and 2022. You'll receive postcards, addresses and instructions - all free! You provide stamps and mail the cards to voters. Help get Democrats to vote!

These postcard campaigns need your help:

  • NJ and VA - Write postcards to progressive voters in the only two states with statewide elections in 2021. Our goal: 3 million postcards. Help us make sure that New Jersey and Virginia stay blue!

All in for NC virtual Picnic Table

Join All In for NC to take action and organize - Sundays from 6-8pm EDT through November 14. We will be meeting around our virtual picnic table, to support NC candidates and voter registration groups in their efforts prior to the NC November elections. There will be breakout rooms for writing postcards, phonebanks, other activities and guest speakers. Each breakout room will have a leader that will train volunteers and answer any questions.


Phone Banks for Georgia Elections

On November 2nd, Georgians in many municipalities across the State will head to the polls for local elections. These local races are crucial to guaranteeing that elected officials across the state are Democrats committed to justice, health care, jobs -- and safe and healthy elections.

GA is poised on a knife edge politically, so please join us to make sure Democrats have what they need to vote in these elections and help flip these seats! Phone banks on Tuesdays (6-7:30 EDT) and Saturdays (2-3:30 EDT) through November 2. Details and sign up here.

Contest Every Race -

We recruit Democrats to run for office where it matters!

For too long, Republicans have been the only ones competing in local, rural races. In states like Oklahoma, Democrats don’t run in up to 75% of local elections! Contest Every Race is working to end GOP dominance in rural America by making sure that no Republican runs for office without a fight. How? By recruiting hundreds of new Democratic candidates in deep-red parts of key swing states, and across in the reddest states too. Since 2018, we’ve identified 50,000 of these races, reached out to 5 million people, and had text conversations with 120,000 about running. As a result, 3,000 Democrats candidates have filed, 49% of them female and over 1/3 of them non-white. More than half of these are winning, sending the GOP home to lick their wounds.

WE NEED YOUR HELP urgently! 2022 is going to be a critical year: we’ll be targeting 50,000 races this year alone and most of them have filing deadlines early in 2022, so we have to start researching them all right away. Volunteers are needed for online researching open seats from Contest Every Race's massive database, and contacting/working with potential Democratic candidates by texting through Movement Labs. For more information, see here.