About Us

We are a family oriented group of riders who love to go out and have a great time. It doesn't matter if we are on a group trail ride, community event, or doing trail work, it is always a fun time. We have over 20 miles in our trail system. They begin at the Androscoggin Riverlands State Park on Center Bridge Road. You can get to Bryant’s Airport Variety, Big Apple, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Murray’s Mega Mart, Antigoni’s Pizza & Northeastern Firearms by riding on our trail system.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: If you have family members or friends who ride our trails please share this message with them. This includes ATV’s, UTV’s and Dirt bikes as well. Clubs work hard at getting the permission from many landowners to enable you as a rider to enjoy our trails. If we have riders going into NO TRESPASSING areas and disregarding what the landowner has requested – YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE THE TRAIL FOR THE REST OF US WHO ENJOY AND RESPECT LANDOWNERS.

1. If on your journey you decide not to stay on the trails and venture onto land posted NO TRESPASSING or disregard signs that say STAY ON MARKED TRAIL – you are going to LOSE THE TRAILS for the rest of us. Have consideration and obey the trails signs and stay on the MARKED TRAILS.

2. Sandpits that our trails go through are for you as a rider to stay on the marked trail. THE SANDPITS ARE NOT FOR YOU TO RIDE ANYWHERE YOU WANT.

3. If you are on the POWER LINES and get stopped by a landowner stating the trail you are riding is NOT a PUBLIC TRAIL – do not disregard what they are telling you. CMP Power Lines are not a given right for you to ride anywhere you want.