Sing. Say. Dance. Play.

Welcome to the homepage for music at Rowayton Elementary School. We have a very exciting year planned ahead for the musicians of Rowayton!

Please visit this website for news, performance information, and class updates. Another way to stay connected to music at Rowayton School is through our Instagram Account (@rockinrowayton). Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding your student. Thank you!

Please join us on Tuesday, December 17th at 9:30am for our K-5 Holiday Sing-A-Long in the Rowayton Gym!

What should I wear?

Shirt Color by Grade:
Kindergarten: BlueFirst Grade: RedSecond Grade: WhiteThird Grade: GreenFourth Grade: Blue & WhiteFifth Grade: Red & Green

Rowayton Music

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Rowayton Ensembles

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Music News

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Musical Books to try out at home!

Take a look at what is on our Rowayton Music bookshelf!

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On this list, there are books that have accompanying songs that we sing and read in class. There are also books that have an overarching musical theme.

If you have any questions about these books or have suggestions that can be added to our list, please feel free to send an email.