Principles' Emergency Fund

Tumwater Principals’ Emergency Fund

Administered by the Tumwater Education Foundation



The purpose of the Tumwater Principals’ Emergency Fund is to provide principals with funds to respond to emergent student needs, quickly and with a minimum of paperwork so that students come to school ready to learn. Funds can be used to pay for medical/dental needs, housing, transportation, shoes and clothing, etc. More detailed guidance on appropriate expenditures is listed below. Approval of expenditures rests with the principal at each school.


Proceeds from an annual fundraising breakfast will be allocated for this purpose. Funds will be

allocated based on the total student population in each school. Allocations will be provided at

the beginning of each school year. When available, allocations may be augmented later in the

year. Unused funds do not carry forward to the next school year.


Principals will be issued debit cards to be used for purchases. Following are categories of

expenses to guide you. This list is not all-inclusive. Principals will have the latitude

in the use of the funds to meet emergent needs that are barriers to learning or participating fully in school.

Alternative social services that may fill a need should also be considered when appropriate.

Clothing–shoes, socks, underwear, pants, shirts, coats, etc.

Housing–emergency housing, temporary rental assistance. Usually, this assistance is a stop-gap measure before community services can kick in.

Utilities–power, water, gas bill assistance, necessary telephone service.

Medical–doctor or dental bills or co-payments, prescriptions, glasses.

Transportation–bus passes, purchase of a used bike,minor car repair, gas purchases.

Food–any food related purchase (to include laundry or personal hygiene products), school lunches.

Supplies–school supplies, testing supplies, sports equipment.

Fees–testing fees, college test fees, field trip fees.

Miscellaneous–haircut, alarm clock, car towing, child care, child car seat

Expenditures that are not allowed–store gift cards, cash disbursements to students or their

families, celebration or recognition events for general school clubs or programs.