TYAA Parent Board

2018-2019 TYAA- Executive Board

2018-2019- TYAA- Coordinators/ Committee Chairs

Meet Co-coordinator

Meet Co-coordinator

Fundraiser /Sponsorship


Position Descriptions:

The President: is responsible for the overall operation of the TYAA (Triad Youth Athletic Association); Determines the Agenda and preside at the Board and General Membership Meetings

Vice President: responsible for helping the president with assigned duties, as well as filling when the president is unable to be in attendance.

The Secretary is: responsible to records Minutes of all Board and General Meetings of the TYAA Parent Board; Communicating to the general membership all communications from the Board regarding team activities

The Treasurer is: Responsible for all TYAA Association monies and maintaining current, accurate and necessary records; Report the TYAA financial status at each meeting.

The Fundraiser Coordinator is responsible: for leading the fundraising committee in multiple fundraising events during the year; Recommends to the board ideas for fundraising for the season; Maintain a standing committee that will fundraiser throughout the year.

The Social Coordinator is responsible for: Leading the social committee in multiple social activities during the year; Maintaining a standing committee that will host social events throughout the year.

The Volunteer Coordinator: responsible for tracking and confirming the hours that volunteers serve throughout the year at various events that is stored electronically for board use. Work with individual committees to help them locate and sign up volunteers. Manage the Google Forms for sign ups for events.

The Meet Coordinator helps the Meet Chair (a Coach) run home meets for the AAU/ USAG Gymnastics program and lead committees needed to run a successful meet.