2019-2020 Action items

Welcome to the TYAA (Triad Youth Athletic Association) - The parent organization of all the Ultimate Kids Girls Gymnastics Teams

Please complete the action list below to get everything set for the 2019-2020

Parent Portal is open
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Upload Pictures
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Action List for the 2019-2020

For All team Members (returning and new)

If you do not sign up for the parent portal on the team website, your name will not be given to our Office Manager, and you will NOT be enrolled in the Team. Please make sure to complete this very important step!

Deadline: ASAP

❐ Please let Coach Gabby know ASAP if you decide that your child will not be continuing with Team Gymnastics

Deadline: ASAP

❐ Sign up in the TYAA Parent Portal to ensure you get any future communications

NOTE: (If you are currently enrolled in any class/team at Ultimate Kids, Coach Gabby will give your name to our Office Manager to enroll you in the correct Team Group for Summer practices, and all team practice groups from here on out. You will not need to enroll your child in a group. If you are not currently in our system, because you moved here from another location and are joining team, you will still need to go to https://ultimate-kids.com/ and create an account for your athlete)

❐ Sign up for Rained Out alerts- even if you previously received them. We create a new and separate account for each season - If you already have an account- you will see your current group (which will be purged on June 17th) and then the new group you added - see below)

or you can text TYAAGym to 84483 to sign up via text.

Team- Pre-team- Keyword 1920preteam

Team-- AAU - Keyword 1920AAU

Team-X-cel; Keyword 1920Xcel

Team-Optional; Keyword- 1920Optional

Deadline: Monday, June 17

❐ Electronically sign TYAA contract- will receive via email upon signing up in parent portal

❐ Electronically sign Team contract - will receive via email upon signing up in parent portal

❐ pay first assessment to TYAA (Does not apply to pre-team)

Deadline: Monday, July 8th

Your tuition will NOT be pro-rated for the month of Jun. Your new tuition rate will start for the month of July.

❐Confirm that your tuition amount is correct and that it is indeed being auto-drafted from your account